Fin Gull Super Mew (Full Foot)

5,500 ฿

These hybrid full-foot fins for all kinds of scuba diving are the choice of divers  who seek instant power and force to match their  strength

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Size Weight Size
a b c
XS 910g 565 × 200 × 80 mm
S 930g 580 × 200 × 83 mm
M 1,045g 600 × 210 × 87 mm
L 1,060g 615 × 210 × 87 mm
XL 1,200g 650 × 210 × 93 mm

Super Mew boot size fitting table

Size Mew Boots Short Mew Boots 5mm Mew Boots Skin Hot Boots
XS 22cm 22cm
S 23cm 23cm 22cm 22cm
M 24cm 24cm 23cm 23cm
L 25~26cm 25~26cm 24cm 24cm
XL 27cm 27cm 25~26cm 25~26cm

*This size table is only a guide; fit also depends on the individual form of your feet. For some people the sizes shown may be too large or too small. To ensure a proper fit, please confirm which size suits you at an actual trial fitting.


Easy turn up

An innovative design using the right materials enables easy fitting: simply turn down the heel section and use your fingers to pull it up. It’s easy, even when wearing thick gloves. Because the heel is made from soft, pliant rubber, getting the fins on is no trouble at all. Now, you can enjoy using full-foot fins.

3D pocket

Firmly hugging the Achilles tendon, the 3D pocket opening has been designed to reduce looseness and to hold your foot just like a sports shoe. This superior fit makes fin work more efficient.

Hybrid rubber delivers even greater propulsion

To enable these fins to powerfully, yet smoothly, deliver tenacious propulsive power, Gull’s innovative production methods integrate different pliant and resilient types of rubber for the foot pocket, blade, and ribs.

Side-slip stoppers

The same wraparound tread that is on Gull Barracuda Fins is standard. Tread provides better grip on slippery boat decks and rocky shores, or other entries where the footing is