Jet Fin Saekodive 2315CA-G DM Rubber Fin

2315CA-G DM

  • High quality rubber fin that is both powerful and durable
  • Decreases drag on the upward kick and enhances thrust on the downward kick
  • Hydro-dynamic design with vents offers maximum efficiency, mobility, and propulsion


2315CA-G DM2315CA-G DM

2315-2318 is a must-have for all divers. Being one of our most popular fins, this fin is now available in a variety of colors, including Black (K), White (W), Yellow (Y), Red (R), and our newest color CAMO (CA). The fin is made of high quality rubber that ensures the durability. It comes with 1875 Spring Fin Strap, which consists of stainless clips, easy-grip loop, and angled strap mount for unparalleled heel comfort. This is a classic fin that delivers a great amount of power with the least effort. It is helpful, trustworthy, and reliable, just like your oldest friend. Rest assured that it will be with you along your dive journey.